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Anti Ragging

Ragging is a painful reality within the higher education system of our country. Despite the very fact that over the past years ragging has claimed many innocent lives and has ruined the careers of thousands of bright students, the practice remains heeded by many still today.

So it is informed to all the students of SIASTM that, ragging is banned in this Institute. Therefore, ragging in any form in the College would be treated as an infringement of rules. The senior and old students who are found indulged in ragging with the new entrants will render themselves liable to severe disciplinary action.

As per the following notification, the management of SIASTM has been pleased to constitute Anti-Ragging Committee, Anti-Ragging Squads, as well as Monitoring Cell on Ragging for the current academic session with immediate effect.

This Committee shall be fully responsible to make sure that no incidence of ragging takes place and can also monitor and make sure that the instructions of these regulations are followed fully at all points of time.

The committee shall monitor the anti-ragging activities within the institute, consider the recommendations of the anti-ragging squads and take appropriate decisions, including justifying suitable punishments to those found guilty.

The Committee will also maintain alert vigil at all times and ensure that the Anti-Ragging Committee is going to be responsible and function under the direction of management of the Institute.